Alexander Cazort Zorach (cazort) wrote in ecologists,
Alexander Cazort Zorach

BP Oil Spill: Another Way To Help

eBird has put out a call to survey gulf coast birds in response to the BP Oil Spill.

If any of you live near the area, this is a great way to help out. There is very little known about some of the people don't even know where it is most worthwhile to focus conservation efforts. eBird has also added new features allowing people to report oiled birds. Even if you are in an area not yet affected by the spill, surveying can be very important as it is likely that the spill will spread out over time and affect more areas. The more we know about what is in these ecosystems, the better equipped we will be to preserve and protect them!

eBird is a great thing to get involved in anyway, whether or not you are thinking about the BP Oil spill. It is currently supported everywhere in North America and is a great way to contribute data on birds that can be used for science and conservation purposes.
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