Alexander Cazort Zorach (cazort) wrote in ecologists,
Alexander Cazort Zorach

Sustainability: Building a Consensus between Liberals & Conservatives

I wrote a post on another blog (besides my Livejournal) which might be relevant to this community:

Sustainability: Building a Consensus Between Liberals and Conservatives

I think this post is of particular interest to this community because I notice a strong tendency for people in this community to assume that caring about ecology necessarily equates to embracing a "liberal" viewpoint, as defined in the rather narrow context of American politics. I think the issue is more complex than that, and I'm hoping to spark some reflection and critical discussion on this point. The article is oriented both towards liberals and conservatives, calling liberals to listen more, and give conservatives the benefit of the doubt more, and work more to include them...and also calling conservatives to step up to the plate, define and embrace an environmentalism of their own, and not allow liberals to "own" the environmentalist movement.

Let me know what you think, either commenting there or here on this post.
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