Alexander Cazort Zorach (cazort) wrote in ecologists,
Alexander Cazort Zorach

Overposting & Etiquette

I just deleted a few posts that I and a number of other users saw as overposting. It's fine to come here to promote your communities or projects, especially when they are ecology-related, but this is not the appropriate place to use as a place to post newsletters or dump mass-posted material. I did a quick google search and found that these posts were posted, verbatim, on at least 22 other websites.

Please limit posts here to things relevant to this community, and things which can spark discussion. Please keep cross-posts written specifically for this community. If I can type a sentence of your post into google and find 22 hits, this means you are not writing specifically for this community.


Also a clarification about what this community is and what it is not. It is for discussion of ecology--the study of ecosystems and the relationships between different living organisms and non-living systems in these ecosystems. Some discussion of politics, culture, and other social issues is always welcome here--especially in the context of issues that have direct ecological implications.

But it is not an umbrella community for anything "green" or "eco-friendly". If you are doing a large project with many components that has ecological implications, such as protecting, restoring, or halting the destruction of ecosystems--then focus on the ecological elements of your project that are doing these things! Or focus on the ways in which the other (social, political, etc.) elements of your project relate to such things.


Also, one more thing, I do think that we regular members need to make sure to keep positive, even when people are being blatantly rude or inappropriate. If someone is overposting or posting irrelevant material, I think it's most constructive to point this out directly and respectfully. Being dismissive of people ultimately keeps them from understanding and realizing the ways in which what they've done has irritated people or overstepped bounds--and makes them more likely to continue to do it to others in the future (even if they are forced out of one community).

Also if things really get out of hand and just need to be deleted, you can always bug me too and I can delete things. Apologies that I haven't been as on top of this as I could be!
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